Spice Spice Baby (SOLD OUT)

What to expect:
Cinnamon, Spices, Cola, Rose water

Origin: Colombia
Farm: San Adolfo, Huila
Farmer: Jairo Arcila
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1400 – 1500masl
Process: Honey & Eucalyptus
Ingredients: 100% Coffee & Water
Time: 14 Hours
Volume: 300ml


Handcrafted in Malaysia.
Pesticide-free, no artificial flavoring & coloring


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(An XMAS Special)
This christmas, experience innovation in coffee processing.
This rare pink bourbon is fermented with its pulp on for 72 hours in which tartaric acid and eucalyptus leaves were added.
You’ll get lots of complex flavors, cinnamon, spices, cola & rose water.

Best to drink straight from bottle while its cold. Keep drink chilled.

Expiry Date:
Refer to expiry date below bottle.