What is cold brew?

Cold brew coffee is not iced coffee. It is coffee being brewed with cold temperature water over a certain period of time. Our cold brews are generally easy to drink, tastes sweeter & less acidic.

How do we make our cold brews?

All our cold brews are hand-brewed. We only use fresh coffee, mostly arabica beans from reliable partners and roasters. We brew them with our special mg2-added water, for 6-15 hours.

How to enjoy our cold brew?

You can drink it on its own, dilute it with ice, water, syrup or any ingredients that you like.

How long can our cold brew last?

You may refer to the expiry date below each cold brew bottle. Generally, black brew can last up to 2 months from the date its brewed and for white, it depends on the milk’s expiry date.

How to store our cold brew?

Please try to keep drinks refrigerated at all times to avoid bacteria growth and oxidation. At room temperature, our black brews can last up to 8 hours while our white brews can last up to 3 or 4 hours.

Does cold brew have more caffeine content?

Nope. Caffeine content in a particular coffee always depend on the coffee used itself. It may vary depending on variables such as type of bean, origin, water-to-coffee ratio, brewing time, roast type and more.

Why amber glass bottle?

Amber glass bottles are made up of natural materials, non-toxic, less porous than plastic and 100% recyclable. It helps to prevent UV light from penetrating into our cold brews, preventing oxidation and limits bacteria growth.

I did not receive a confirmation email after I placed my order.

Please do check your spam / junk folder. You may email underscorebrewery@gmail.com for further assistance.

Can I arrange my own rider for pickup?

Yes, you can! We will call you once your order is ready for collection and you may pass us the rider information then 🙂

My address is within your delivery zones, but it says no shipping options available.

Our system runs based on google maps. Please cross check your address with google maps (especially your postcode). Alternatively, you may

1. select the pickup option and arrange your own rider.

2. email underscorebrewery@gmail.com for further assistance.