Brewing Philosophy

Taste is subjective, quality is objective

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy cold brew.
Using high quality coffee and water, our brew style focuses on flavor clarity, character and complexity.

Generally, our cold brews are less acidic, naturally sweeter, comfortable and easy to drink.

Combining all the ingredients

Coffee – our coffees are carefully sourced by credible roasters and partners. we use mostly arabica coffee of higher green score.

Water – our water is formulated with more magnesium to bring out sweeter and more complex notes

Time – generally our coffee are steeped between 6 ~ 24 hours

Temperature – we use gradual and varying brew temperatures for different recipes

Coffee selection

Our coffee is selected based on its origin, uniqueness, character, acidity and flavor. We tend to showcase uncommon yet exceptional coffees.

The perfect ratio

Different coffee calls for different water ratio. Generally our recipes use a higher coffee to water ratio.

Amber glass bottle

Cold brews are sensitive to light and air. Amber glass bottles are used to prevent UV lighting and oxidation to preserve shelf life of brewed coffees.

bold & cold brews

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