of bold & cold brews

As cold as our brews,
you may find our coffee
unfamiliar and niche.

But hey, lets be bold and
experience a sip.

Who knows, you may have just found a new favourite 😉

We’re a small batch cold brewery

In the world of coffee there’s definitely more than just iced lattes and cappuccinos. We are simply focusing on cold brew amongst the rest. Why? Because we’re amazed by how delicious and complex coffee can be when we put simple ingredients like coffee and water together, over a certain period of temperature and time.

It all started in 2015 where our founder and cold brewist, Mr.Shum started to experiment coffee brewing with different types of water and temperatures. As a result, it has opened a whole new paradigm of possibilities in coffee brewing. Since then, Mr.Shum has been experimenting with different origins, methods and ingredients. Over the years, he has developed a specific recipe to his brews. Our cold brews are generally less acidic, easier to drink and naturally sweeter. In this way, we hope to introduce such a niche beverage to more people.



our brews may seem unfamiliar
and unfriendly at first but otherwise
when approached


we’re daring and experimental with
different origins, varietals, processing
and brewing recipes

brewing time & passion, in small batches

we hope everyone can enjoy and appreciate cold brew

bold & cold brews

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